Exactomat is a benefice for the technician,
the practician and the patient

Exactomat prosthetics guarantee a perfecion of precize articulation (no more bite raise whatsoever), of size-fidelity, form stability and adaptation.

The Exactomat Automatic Press-system is an injection-system with post-pressure during polymerisation.

The Exactomat-system has proved its value for over 30 years. It is unmatched, effective and safe, simple and fast.



For use with your own hydraulic press. Start kit for small-range productions.



For small and medium productions.



For large and small productions and for the whole range of possibilities.

 Hi-Impact Vinyl Denture Base Materials


 Advantage to Laboratory

  • Clinically unbreakable with Exactomat injection
  • Non-allergic
  • Simple and hygenic use with Recipack
  • Non bite rise
  • Finishes and polishes easily
  • Extremely color stable

 Advantage to Doctor

  • Superb dimension stability - Exactomat injection
  • No bite rise - stonger - resilient
  • Non-allergic
  • Natural Color - Translucent fibered
  • Extremely color stable

 Advantage to Patient

  • Non-allergic denture - monomer free
  • Stronger dentures
  • Stronger, resilient - clinically unbreakable under normal use
  • Color stable
  • Thinner dentures - allows more tongue romm - better phonetics.



Promotional kit

  • KHVI 863 Vinalene kit 2x30 cc
  • KHVI 864 Vinalene kit 4x30 cc

Natural Soft®

  • Stays soft
  • Will not irritate sensitive tissue
  • Will not discolor
  • Non-Allergenic

Vinyl Repair®

  • ...
  • ...

1. M201 Flask and compensation plate
2. MH302 Flask holder
3. MH303 Flask key
4. MO211 Expansion button
5. MO210 Compensation plate (Messing)
6. MH301 Decoblock
7. C407 Cylinder Exactopress
8. MH311 Inox pin for cleaning cylinder

9. V703 Plastic hammer
10. PR823 Ipsolocks, 1000p
11. PR825 Duplex flask joints, 1000p
12. PR852 Cylinder joints, 1000p Exactopress
13. PR845 Wax spruces box 250g
14. PR835 Recipacks, 100p
15. PR828 Ipsospray for flask
16. MO209 Compensation plate (One time use)
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